TW17B-5SL full-automatic multi station cold heading machine

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TW17B-5SL full-automatic multi station cold heading machine

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Suitable for forming various non-standard screw bolts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, engineering machinery parts, electrical accessories, etc!

The main sliding block is connected with the rear wing design to make it travel more stable and accurate. The JIS FCD55 independent forward stroke adjustment mechanism is used. The die seat is made of alloy steel shell, and the inner bushing is made of SKD-11, which can improve the accuracy and prolong the service life

1. This machine part adopts strict casting process to eliminate residual stress, so as to prevent deformation during use and maintain high accuracy of machine parts for a long time

2. Equipped with air pressure clutch brake, the starting current of the machine can be low, and the "inching", "single stroke" and "continuous stroke" can be realized. Except for the "inching" mode, the main slider of the machine will automatically stop at the rear position when parking, so as to provide operation and adjustment space

3. The circumferential cutting die can ensure the material cutting section is neat and flat

4. The pressing wheel and pressing pawl are driven by the air cylinder. The pressing wheel is equipped with an anti retreat device to prevent the material from retreating

5. The forward pass out (male mold ejection) action synchronized with the main slider can make the workpiece temporarily stay in the female mold after forming to avoid being taken out by the die

6. The main motor is equipped with an imported frequency converter PLC control system to realize the stepless speed regulation of the machine production speed

7. The cams of all parts are accurately calculated and designed by computer and manufactured by CNC machine tools, thus greatly improving the accuracy and stability of machine operation

8. The strong lathe bed and quenched alloy steel side plate can keep the main sliding table moving accurately for a long time and prolong the service life of the mold

9. Equipped with an automatic safety detection device, it can automatically detect the working status and fault display of the main mechanisms of the machine, such as the short feed oil pressure, high pressure, high overload, front overload and rear overload of the main engine

10. It is very convenient for users to adjust the phase of side cam when trimming or forming bolts are produced

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