Analysis of Product Characteristics of High Speed Cold Heading Machine

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Analysis of Product Characteristics of High Speed Cold Heading Machine

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According to the theory of metal plastic deformation, the cavity formed by certain pressure plastic deformation of the metal blank at room temperature should be "deformed" according to the shape and size of the specified shape. High quality metal materials, such as rivet bolt steel, have a strict standard for chemical composition and mechanical properties. There are many types and multiple series of models for cold heading bolt and nut forming machines. Reliable performance, high efficiency and stable product quality. The product has large upsetting force, large configuration power and large equipment investment. Therefore, the production standard M24 is the most economical, with good surface quality and high dimensional accuracy. As the upsetting process is cold and hard, the deformation should not be too large, which can reduce cracks. Cold heading process can be widely used, and various specifications can reduce the cost.

Features of high-speed cold heading machine: safety regulations prohibit wearing gloves. Before starting the cold heading machine, carefully check that all fastener locks and safety protection devices are in good condition, and regularly check the work to prevent accidents caused by vibration relaxation. Adjust the flywheel. The inspection mechanism works normally. The car pull rod can start the motor. Do not start the motor from the side. The guide should eliminate all problems before and after a short time of idle time. The operator should stand in a safe position. It is strictly prohibited to place concave and convex molds and workpieces. Only in the bottom view of products and alternative products must carefully adjust the molds and punch to check whether the parts are normal.


Before using the high-speed cold heading machine, all problems should be eliminated. After a short time of idling, the operator can try to operate the equipment. The operator should stand in a safe position. It is strictly prohibited to check the product at the bottom of the concave and convex mold and workpiece. The product must be carefully adjusted and punched, and carefully checked whether the components are normal. If the production process fails, the cause must be immediately stopped. The hidden danger must be eliminated. The braking system is prohibited from driving.

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