How to debug multi station cold heading machine?

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How to debug multi station cold heading machine?

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How to debug multi station cold heading machine?

1. Press and hold the emergency stop button on the operation panel of the control cabinet to stop the equipment.

2. Pull off the main power supply, and the data on the counter will remain unchanged. After power transmission is restarted, the equipment continues to process parts until the preset number is reached.

3. Reset Press the two reset switches on the counter operation panel to reset the preset number and processing number respectively.


Precautions for operating multi station cold heading machine:

(1) The diameter of steel bar or steel wire shall meet the requirements of multi station cold upsetting machine, and the steel bar (wire) that is too thick or too thin shall not be cold upset;

(2) Within the allowable range of the cold heading diameter of the cold heading machine, the position of the clamp (screw in or screw out) can be adjusted according to the required anchor head size, so as to obtain the appropriate reinforcement (wire) extension allowance;

(3) Rust shall be removed and straightened within 120~130mm of the cold heading part of the reinforcement (wire);

(4) The end of the reinforcement shall be ground flat to ensure the accurate shape of the cold heading anchor head;

(5) After the rebar heading, the tensile test shall be carried out to check whether the strength of the anchor head is qualified.

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