Features of Multi station Cold Heading Machine and Precautions in Use

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Features of Multi station Cold Heading Machine and Precautions in Use

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After laser disk or bar tapping, the multi station cold heading machine automatically assembles various hexagon nuts, namely light standard hexagon nuts, by cold heading. The bar is fed through the roller drive, and then fed in turn. The ball pressing and angle punching processes are completed in one machine. The working positions of cold heading are arranged horizontally, with accurate positioning, stable operation and convenient maintenance. It is applicable to mass production of nuts by manufacturers. Multi station cold heading machine is a special mechanical equipment for producing hexagon nuts and some non-standard parts. Cutting with single side S plate is more stable and effective, and the time is adjustable.


1. The upsetting stations are arranged horizontally.

2. The workpiece can be transferred by a closed clamp, and the clamping time can be adjusted separately.

3. The full round sleeve cutter is used, and the incision is smooth.

4. The main transmission mechanism (cutting, die pushing, feeding, etc.) is driven by the connecting rod.

5. Meet the requirements of large round feeding.

6. The automatic production of bolts and screws from cutting, upsetting to rolling is realized by using a strip rolling mechanism.

7. The third position die is suitable for trimming or upsetting process, which is easy to adjust.

8. Each station is equipped with a punching and pushing mechanism, which can be adjusted independently.

9. The pneumatic clutch and brake are used to make the main motor start with no load and become soft, which is convenient for machine tool debugging and automatically stops the main sliding block when the machine stops.

TW10B the third mock examination three punch full-automatic multi station cold heading machine

Notes for use

(1) The diameter of steel wire shall be consistent with that of multi station cold heading machine, and the cold heading steel bar shall not be too thick or (wire);

(2) Within the allowable range of cold heading diameter of the cold heading machine, the position of the clamp can be adjusted according to the required size of the anchor head (spinning or screwing out) to obtain an appropriate amount of reinforcement (wire).

(3) Rust removal and straightening shall be conducted at the (cold) upsetting part of the 120~130mm area of the reinforcement.

(4) The end of the reinforcement shall be smoothed to ensure the accurate shape of the cold heading anchor head.

(5) After the rebar is upset, a tensile test must be carried out to determine whether the strength of the anchorage is qualified.

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